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Category: CPQcart Services/Product - Manufacturer: Me

Model Number: CPQcartDNNStoreSaaSperProduct


CPQcart SaaS charging per Service or Product/Location.  Base price of $30/PerProduct/Month Plus State Tax if applicable.  No Order Tracking unless Select CPQcartDNNStoreSaaS with the base price of $174.   This Patented CPQcart Engine (Configure Price Quote-CPQ) product provides services and or products with multiple options to receive instant price quotes. The wizard enables site Admin without programming experience to craft the display in a pre-defined form, the words used in the option questions, rules on allowed individual options answers plus interrelation checking between options and math computation on each of the option answers to compute the final Quote/Order price.



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Industries needing multiple option answers for Quotes spend too much time getting answers & quoting, CPQcart automates that with Cloud INSTANT Quotes with reduction from $15-$40/Hour to $0.03/Hour/247 and more exposure on our marketplace.

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